quinta-feira, 1 de dezembro de 2011

Best Day ever.

Second time this week I am told things like that. Don't feel like sharing. Don't think the people involved will read this. It's just that it feels so humiliating. I know I am not the nicest person on Earth. I know I make comments which are no thaaat nice, but c'mon. GIVE ME A BREAK. You know when your day wasn't that good? Your mother shouted the worst things at you in the morning. You tried your hard to look (and sound) as nice as possible. Your students' tests vanished from the table you were working at. And then someone comes and says such a thing?
Maybe if we're talking about a different day, it wouldn't even matter. If it were someone else, it wouldn't matter either. But this time, it hurt. And I felt like a nobody begging for a favor and incapable of doing things on my own.
Worst part? Getting in the car, in a never-ending silent drive to work, listening to the apologies and not feeling a BIT like looking at this person's face (specially when your eyes are cheating on you with tears).

Nice one. You've got yourself another strike! Well done.

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