domingo, 18 de dezembro de 2011

Early December

I find reading random blogs truly inspirational. Knowing about some stranger's life and seeing how much you two have in common. It's just one of the weird things I do and I can spend hours doing that. 
It was because one of these blogs that I decided that my very own personal space was no place for crying and going on about bad breakups or talking about people who no longer have a place in your life. I decided that my blog was a place for me to look back someday and read about the beautiful friends I had/have, the amazing places I visited, the great experiences I had/have in life and how they changed me somehow.
So if anyone expected sadness and anger, I'm sorry. I truly decided this is a place for moments of happiness. 
With that in mind, It is time to post some pictures from last night. 
I have mentioned before that I am the events' coordinator at work (aside from teaching English 24/7). So this past month has been hectic (really? I'd love to use this word less often) for I had to plan the end-of-year party for the entire company. Yes, that is right. The whole thing. I'm not going to take credit for it, specially because I had lots of help from all the managers and coordinators, but the party was REALLY GOOD. 
Before the pics, I would like to congratulate my best friend Katy (you'll see her in some of the pictures) on having been chosen 'employee of the year', my good friend Juliana (unfortunately she's not in the pics) on being chosen 'teacher of the year', my former student and now a teacher Victor on his 'Most Improved Teacher of the Year' award (he made me SO PROUD!) and my GREAT friend Lu for being nominated 'Best Coordinator'. It was so hard to keep those awards a secret from you, but I guess it was worth the surprise! 
Having said all that, here are the pics from last night!

Katy, David, Victor, Me & Ila - after the party going for a beer 

Me (yes, I am that white!), Ila & Katy - Ma' Girls 

That's me playing the hostess! 

Katy getting her award from our Director (& very pissed at Ila's shouting at her! 

Katy still getting her award 

Victor and his certificate! PROUD!

David, Me, Ila & Katy after the award winning ceremony 

The coolest people on Earth (Look at this picture! How cool is that? haha) 

Mari & Me (and my zit) - I love this pic - AND my red lipstick! 

Everybody put your hands up! 

dance floor (haha)

 Girls I truly love. 

And then, I'll leave you to the sound of this really amazing band I got to know today and I couldn't help but listen to it maybe a hundred times before this post. I hope you enjoy it. 

(By the way, I found this video on this amazing blog Honest to Blog - by Carynn Mae - Totally worth a visit!)

Have an amazing Sunday.

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