sexta-feira, 30 de dezembro de 2011

Make You Feel My Love

Spent the day listening to Adele.
This is probably one of my favorites. And you wanna know something? It doesn't make me cry anymore.

Happy New Year!

quinta-feira, 29 de dezembro de 2011

Great time with great people.

So last night we attended the wedding of one of mt best friend's brother. It was a very simple ceremony yet very beautiful. I love weddings. They bring something special to my life. I guess this one closes 2011 in a very good way for me (after this crazy whirlwind this year was).
Also, my best friend Ila's boyfriend has just arrived in town and I couldn't be more excited for her. It's been a long two-months long distance relationship, but they're finally together. I'm SO happy for both of them. Because of that, yesterday was a day to be spent with this great couple in the hope that everything works out for them!

Now I'm super looking forward to New Year's Eve! ;) I hope everyone has a good one!

terça-feira, 27 de dezembro de 2011

Moment of Inspiration

My new hair, in a different color, a kind of chestnut brown kinda thing and I love it.

New band - Generationals ('Trust' is the song) - so cool I can't stop listening to it.

segunda-feira, 26 de dezembro de 2011


My own version of the above:

1. Listening: to the Script - We Cry / Nothing & Florence & the Machine - You've got the Love.

2. Eating: nothing at the moment. I've just had this amazing chicken croissant at the mall. And earlier today I had a 'brigadeiro' - I'd love to say it's the same as a chocolate truffle, but it's not.. it's even better!

3. Drinking: I had a delicious strawberry juice + milk matte like one hour ago.

4. Wearing: Right now, well, jeans shorts, a mint t-shirt, flats, a leather belt, a watch and ladybug earrings.

5. Feeling: kinda heartbroken / kinda sad for my family / kinda excited for 2012 / kinda happy for my best friend who's finally seeing her boyfriend in person (after a long distance relationship).

6. Weather: we could say it's pretty cool for Manaus (where is usually scorching). It's been raining a lot, so we have this nice weather.

7. Wanting: lots of things - I want our New Year's party to be awesome; I want to go to NY as soon as I can; I want to earn more money so I can save it for my trip to NYC; I want a new blouse for our New Year's party...

This one I bought today so I can dream a little bit

8. Needing: I need my family to stop arguing. This is killing me.

9. Thinking: oh my, I think about so many things at the same time. Well, right now I'm thinking: should I put this or that picture on this post and what should I do next? should I read my new book?

10. Enjoying: that I'm on vacation and I don't have to work tomorrow!!!!!!

domingo, 25 de dezembro de 2011

Mini Christmas Dinner With Friends

This past Thursday we decided it was time we had a mini get together to celebrate our very own Christmas. We all went to our friend Marcia's place where we ended up having a delicious potluck dinner with lots of fun, talk, booze (hahah) and gifts.

Loved every minute of it.

quinta-feira, 22 de dezembro de 2011

Christmas' songs!

This song seems to be stuck in my head for the past three days.
Please don't tell anyone, but I really like it. But honestly, I prefer these versions:

Since we're on the x-mas' songs theme, well here are some of my favorites:

This video is so tacky it makes me love it even more! What's not to love about this song. I also love the fact that Travis also recorded it.

This is a special one. Not only does it make me want to cry but it also reminds me of my best friend Katy, who is totally and completely in love with Judy. It makes me feel more christmasy.

I couldn't help it!  My favorite Christmas song of all times. Wish she would include a Rebecca in the song!

Oh, Christmas Tree!

We had decided we were not having any christmas decor this year. Due to my father's passing and all, my family wanted to have dinner on Christmas eve and that was pretty much it.
However, my mom got rid of the Grinch spirit that was all around and bought us an AMAZING Christmas tree. I love decorating our Christmas tree and it is my job every single year. I've been meaning to buy a white one for a long time but I could never find the perfect one.
This was not how I had planned it exactly, but I guess it turned out real cool.
I now present you with my very own, in golden and white, Christmas tree!

I think it looks pretty neat!

Merry X-mas!

domingo, 18 de dezembro de 2011

Early December

I find reading random blogs truly inspirational. Knowing about some stranger's life and seeing how much you two have in common. It's just one of the weird things I do and I can spend hours doing that. 
It was because one of these blogs that I decided that my very own personal space was no place for crying and going on about bad breakups or talking about people who no longer have a place in your life. I decided that my blog was a place for me to look back someday and read about the beautiful friends I had/have, the amazing places I visited, the great experiences I had/have in life and how they changed me somehow.
So if anyone expected sadness and anger, I'm sorry. I truly decided this is a place for moments of happiness. 
With that in mind, It is time to post some pictures from last night. 
I have mentioned before that I am the events' coordinator at work (aside from teaching English 24/7). So this past month has been hectic (really? I'd love to use this word less often) for I had to plan the end-of-year party for the entire company. Yes, that is right. The whole thing. I'm not going to take credit for it, specially because I had lots of help from all the managers and coordinators, but the party was REALLY GOOD. 
Before the pics, I would like to congratulate my best friend Katy (you'll see her in some of the pictures) on having been chosen 'employee of the year', my good friend Juliana (unfortunately she's not in the pics) on being chosen 'teacher of the year', my former student and now a teacher Victor on his 'Most Improved Teacher of the Year' award (he made me SO PROUD!) and my GREAT friend Lu for being nominated 'Best Coordinator'. It was so hard to keep those awards a secret from you, but I guess it was worth the surprise! 
Having said all that, here are the pics from last night!

Katy, David, Victor, Me & Ila - after the party going for a beer 

Me (yes, I am that white!), Ila & Katy - Ma' Girls 

That's me playing the hostess! 

Katy getting her award from our Director (& very pissed at Ila's shouting at her! 

Katy still getting her award 

Victor and his certificate! PROUD!

David, Me, Ila & Katy after the award winning ceremony 

The coolest people on Earth (Look at this picture! How cool is that? haha) 

Mari & Me (and my zit) - I love this pic - AND my red lipstick! 

Everybody put your hands up! 

dance floor (haha)

 Girls I truly love. 

And then, I'll leave you to the sound of this really amazing band I got to know today and I couldn't help but listen to it maybe a hundred times before this post. I hope you enjoy it. 

(By the way, I found this video on this amazing blog Honest to Blog - by Carynn Mae - Totally worth a visit!)

Have an amazing Sunday.