segunda-feira, 26 de dezembro de 2011


My own version of the above:

1. Listening: to the Script - We Cry / Nothing & Florence & the Machine - You've got the Love.

2. Eating: nothing at the moment. I've just had this amazing chicken croissant at the mall. And earlier today I had a 'brigadeiro' - I'd love to say it's the same as a chocolate truffle, but it's not.. it's even better!

3. Drinking: I had a delicious strawberry juice + milk matte like one hour ago.

4. Wearing: Right now, well, jeans shorts, a mint t-shirt, flats, a leather belt, a watch and ladybug earrings.

5. Feeling: kinda heartbroken / kinda sad for my family / kinda excited for 2012 / kinda happy for my best friend who's finally seeing her boyfriend in person (after a long distance relationship).

6. Weather: we could say it's pretty cool for Manaus (where is usually scorching). It's been raining a lot, so we have this nice weather.

7. Wanting: lots of things - I want our New Year's party to be awesome; I want to go to NY as soon as I can; I want to earn more money so I can save it for my trip to NYC; I want a new blouse for our New Year's party...

This one I bought today so I can dream a little bit

8. Needing: I need my family to stop arguing. This is killing me.

9. Thinking: oh my, I think about so many things at the same time. Well, right now I'm thinking: should I put this or that picture on this post and what should I do next? should I read my new book?

10. Enjoying: that I'm on vacation and I don't have to work tomorrow!!!!!!

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