domingo, 24 de junho de 2012


Random thoughts:

1) This song makes me really happy. REALLY HAPPY. I don't know why. As I mentioned before: Cuteness at its most.

2) After months of total separation I got to see him again tonight. We went out for some pizza with some friends. It is so weird having him out of my life. Sitting right next to me for the whole meal gave me this real uncomfortable feeling that I was bothering him. Even the sound of my voice bothers me when he's around. How is it even possible that someone you really loved one day brings you such bad feelings. Anyways..

3) I had a very nice weekend with my friends. It's been such a long time we have been together. I'm really glad to have people like them in my life. They have the power of distracting me from real life.

4) Got back to listening to some real music. Nice old (and new) stuff. I don't know what happened to me. I guess I just felt like acting that way, being the old me would bring me back memories of people who are no longer around. People I miss a lot, like dad or Lawrence. I guess I'm okay now.

5) I'm happy today. Whatever the reason for that is, well, thank you.

Random pics from my week/end:

Have a nice week.