terça-feira, 8 de novembro de 2011

Weekend Love

This weekend I decided I was going to do something with my friends since they're travelling next week to Bahia and I'm going to be on my own in this very interesting city.
On Friday we had our belated Halloween party, which was awesome, even though I just got to enjoy the last minutes of it (I was working late that day). As soon as I get the pictures, I'll post them here.
Saturday was exhausting. You know those days when you don't feel like working AT ALL? I was so tired I counted every single minute to 5pm so I could go home and have some sleep - which didn't happen of course because we decided it was the day for a drink.
We went to this place - Cachaçaria do Dedé - which is a bar - I'd say it's the Brazilian version of a pub - except it's hotter and overcrowded. After almost pushing some girls out of their tables, we got to sit and enjoy our good old cachaça. It was really nice catching up with news and enjoying the hot (should I say scorching?) night with some extremely cold beer!
We called it an early night and went home before midnight, can you believe it?
Here are some of the pictures from last night!

On Sunday, after having slept all day with no hope of a decent social life, I woke up at 6pm feeling like going to the movies. I called half of the city and half of them showed up. We had a really nice time, except we ended up not going to the movies - we went bowling instead!

It was such a fun weekend! I just hope we can do it more often!
(Actually there is a plan for this reaaallly nice weekend ahead of us.. I'll just give you a quick glimpse as to what it is.. - I've actually posted it before! Yes, I'm curious!)

Have a wonderful week!

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