domingo, 13 de novembro de 2011

Lazy Sunday

I needed some rest. That is a fact. But not like this.
Sunday started like this:
1) Woke up at 6:30. Can you believe it:? on a S-U-N-D-A-Y! Such a crime!

2) In order to restore peace at home, I took my out to lunch. We had a pleasant time, even though my stomach is pretty upset with the outrageous amount of food we ate.

3) Slept the whole afternoon. It was great (despite the fact that I woke up with a terrible headache. I don't know why I insist on sleeping in the afternoon. It's always the same - get rid of enourmous eye bags (result of vulgar amount of work) and get a free headache -!

4) Had the most amazing dream with my dad. First one I got to see his face. I could actually touch him, give him a kiss and put my head in his shoulders. I felt loved again. I knew he'd already passed in my dream, but somehow I wasn't afraid and I just wanted to be with him again, to talk to him one more time, to hug him and look into his beautiful blue eyes. He was having lunch with us, as he used to - he was eating his favorite dish - and he asked me if I were okay, if there was something missing, to make them stop fighting. He looked so pretty, so healthy. I woke up crying. My mom actually thought I was in pain for some reason. I miss my dad so much it hurts.

5) Spent the rest of the night reading a book. I wanted to finish it today, cause I still have a long list of books to read. (check the picture). That is definitely what I love doing the most. It takes me out to a different dimension. 

(I know, two versions of Eat, Pray, Love - I had no idea I'd already bought one!)

6) Got to talk to a friend. He's one of the Canadians I like the most. He's been going through a hard time and I feel like I gotta help him. I truly hope things work out for him the way he planned. I hate to see people feeling bad because things didn't work out. I'm all about go for it and try it again. 

Still have some lessons to plan, but guess what? I don't feel like doing it at all.  
I'll keep listening to my John Mayer playlist...
It's gonna be a long, long night - given the fact I slept the whole afternoon.


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