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Last Night

This past weekend, I decided I'd download a bunch of movies so I could stay in and eat lots of chocolate crying over cheap romantic comedies. While I was googling for some new chick flicks, I found this 2010 movie called 'Last Night', starring Keira Knightley and Sam Worthington. I wasn't in the mood for sad movies for my life was already a mess, so I skip this one to watch some other movies. But then, today I started watching it and I'm still trying to grasp my reaction to it. 
The movie portraits the life of a married couple - Michael and Joanna - who seemed perfectly happy until she realizes her husband has a crush on the girl he works with. Out of guilty, he wouldn't try to make a move on this girl and kept saying he would never be unfaithful to joanna. 
Well, life and its unpredictability play a trick on them when both Michael and Joanna see themselves stuck in a moment where they have to decide whether pleasure and regret have a place in their marriage. 
The interesting thing about this movie is that it actually makes you feel sorry for both of them, even knowing they are both guilty. There are times you just wish Michael would never find out about Joanna and Alex (her great love) and there are times you just wish Joanna wouldn't notice the guilt in Michael's eyes. Yet they are connected by a frustrated and imcomplete marriage, the feeling you get is that even though they can't resist temptation and be faithful, you still want them to be together, because marriage, I mean, the institution, the sacred vow has to remain pristine and untouched.
The movie brought me to a dicotomy I never thought I'd be able to showcase. I've always felt that betrayal was the most disgusting and unforgivable of acts, however, 'Last Night' made me feel like instantly forgetting what I've always believed in in order to maintain the order.
I am not too sure if I like this feeling. On the one hand, it puts 'marriage' - the whole institution - in a pedestal, whereas this concept is achieved by the means of betrayal. Is that really the way people found out to prove the most successful relationships are the ones which go under some kind of test? Well, it bothers me that I felt inclined to agree with the movie's idea. 
Anyway, I'd totally recommend this one. It is always good to watch movies with good actors and excellent acting. I'd totally give it five stars, after all, I wouldn't have written a post about an entire movie if it hadn't caused any effect. 

More info: Last Night (2010)

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Indrani disse...

watching this now - your review and thoughts got me interested in watching this film. I'll let you know what I think!

Indrani disse...

Hmmm... Interesting film. Though I must say it brings to the forefront how much we do in fact put marriage on a pedestal as you already mentioned. In my opinion marriage is sort of a modern-day fantasy. Tons of people dream of getting married to "the one" (especially, unfortunately women), but real life marriage is seldom all beds of roses or bowls of cherries. It was a good movie, but moved kind of slow in my opinion, even for an 88-minute movie.

Maybe I'm a bit cynical as the older I get the less I really believe in the institution of marriage :P