domingo, 30 de outubro de 2011

When English Teachers hang out together!

Eu e a neguinha
Ju & I
Marcia, Ila & Victor.
meninas lindas
Angela & Katy
Will, Ju, Lu & I
Ju, Katy, Marcia & Rina
O francês
France meets Brazil

Victor says:
Marcus, Victor,  David & Gabriel

As promised, here are some of the pictures we took at the Teacher's day dinner party earlier this month. 
Must say I love each one of these people and I simply adore having to see and talk to them everyday. 

It was such a crazy week. I had like three days to put this whole dinner thing together, while I had to teach 12 different groups and be the supervisor in a different school. I almost gave up doing the whole stuff.
As you can see, it ended up being really cool. 
The best part was I came up with a video with testimonials from many different students - that was definitely the highlight of the evening.

Of course after the dinner party we all went out together and ended up having a blast.
English teachers are such a fun gang to hang out with!

My fave people in the whole world.

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