segunda-feira, 3 de outubro de 2011

twirling to the sound of angels.

There is nothing on Earth that has ever struck me more than dancing to the sound of good music. I'm smitten with dancing.
This afternoon, I decided I was going to watch "Water for Elephants". I've been meaning to watch this one in a long time. Right in the beginning, when Jacob (Robert Pattinson) goes to dinner with Marlena (Reese Witherspoon) and her husband, they end up dancing to the sound of a very moving jazz song called "Don't Tell Him Anything". The way they moved during the song, their body language, their expressions, the way their chins got closer and closer with the movements made me think of how special dancing is.
Dancing for me is one of the greatest expressions of the body. It seems your sould needs to speak to someone and needs be noticed first. That is how special dancing is. It doesn't matter what rhythm you are talking about - whenever it happens, it's magical. There is synchronysm, there is coordination, there is movement, there is breathing, there is looking, attention, seduction.
Whenever you dance, it seems as though your entire body is ready to fall in love. That damn endorphine happens to your brain and makes you look more beautiful, more attractive. Not only to your eyes does it make something special. It messes up your feelings and makes you want to get closer and closer to that one who's dancing with you.
The most famous dancers in the world usually say that dancing is more real if you look deep into your partner's eyes. And for me, that's when the whole magic happens. That look - right into your soul - tells you everything you need to know. Tells your where to go next, that you are safe, that you're going nowhere than his arms. And then, the touch comes and says: "you're mine, don't you worry...". That touch is amazing and scary at the same time. It embraces you and takes you to a magical world where the surroundings are all blurry. It makes you twirl in the most gracious way. However, one of the most special things dancing does to you is, even though you are currently sent away, the steps always pull you back - to the same embrace, to the magical sound of music, to the same touch and to the profoundness of the same eyes.
Dancing for me is like falling in love, only with more seduction. It is having someone for yourself for infinite two minutes of a balad. It is having endorphine rushing up your blood to your brains, just like after a night of love making. It's letting your soul do the flirting with the audience, moving like the most beautiful figures you have ever seen. It is making you have the love or feel the love for a brief long time. It is passion, seduction and heart.
And there is nothing like dancing some jazz...

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