domingo, 24 de julho de 2011

The guy with the funny stories that melted my heart.

David is this great friend of mine. He's so special mainly because of his unique personality and character. 
I love how comfortable I am when he is around and how nice it is when I hug and kiss him. 
He has the best laughter ever. There is no way you can keep it when he starts laughing... I guess it's just contagious! As a plus he comes with so many great stories- there's no other person in this planet who'd beat him with clumsy situations to get yourself in. It's laughter + fun stories = perfect match.
David also dresses well and is soooo handsome it hurts. I love his white-skinned/hardly-ever shaved way of looking.
He could totally be a character in a cartoon. He's the only guy I know who is capable of pulling as many different faces as you can imagine. It's just so cute.
Oh, I'm not randomly talking about him.
It's just that it's his birthday today and I wanted to say how much I love him.

David, you're the sweetest, craziest, loveliest little human being I know. I wish you were my baby brother. 
And I wish you all the best in the world.

I love you to bits.

Happy Birthday!

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