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My life through songs

Here is a compilation of songs that have to do with my life in some way. They are in random order. I just want to make sure they are here so in maybe three years, I'll come back to read this post and listen to them again!

1. Wish for Something More - Amy MacDonald
This song pretty much says it all. It summarizes my love life in the past 5 years. A love life of being in love with best friends and ruining everything. I love the song despite it all. 

2.  Something - The Beatles
This was the song my ex-boyfriend (the one who died last year) wrote on my Orkut (seriously!) wall five minutes after we'd met. And he signed the song with the sentence: Thanks George (Harrisson), you said it all. It was so cliche and so cute at the same time!

3. Talk Tonight - Oasis
The same boyfriend asked me to be his girlfriend while playing this song. It was pretty awesome.

4. Killing Moon - Echo & the Bunnymen
Someone proposed to me while this song was playing. I'll never forget that night. Even though things didn't work out, you never forget a marriage proposal. Plus, I love Echo & the Bunnymen (period)

5. I Felt the Chill Before the Winter Came - Elvis Costello
I bet this person has no clue this song reminds me of him, but WHENEVER I listen to it, he comes to my mind and out whirlwind kinda relationship  comes to my mind. It's a good feeling, though.

6. This is the Life - Amy MacDonald
This is my best friend Katy's and my song. We kill at it! It's our opening act in our imaginary concert!

7. It's Beginning to Get Me - Snow Patrol
This reminds me of my C-train ride in Calgary at 6 pm when I was going home. Whenever I listent to it, I can literally see the view of the Bow River, the bridge, the train, the people, the cold weather. It's such a happy thought!

8. Miss Misery - Elliot Smith
This reminds me of a long year in my life when I thought I didn't deserve much respect from anyone for being such a bad person. I could see myself in it. I really like the song, don't get me wrong!

9. Lover, You Should've Come Over - Jeff Buckley
This could be a music combo, really. I could just put Lilac Wine, Last Goodbye and Hallellujah in this very same category, or I could just name it Buckley. He's such a recurring figure in my life, connecting me to different people, at different times. Nevertheless, the most special moment I had with this song was when this guy I was madly in love with sent me this very specific part as a letter:

'It's never over, my kingdom for a kiss upon her shoulder
It's never over, all my riches for her smiles when I sleep so soft against her...
It's never over, all my blood for the sweetness of her laughter
It's never over, she is the tear that hangs inside my soul forever...'

10. Time Has Told Me - Nick Drake
Again, this is another song that two people have said to think of me when listening to it. And amazingly, they reffered to the same part:

'Time has told me... You're a rare, rare find, the troubled cure, for a troubled mind...'

11. A Flor - Los Hermanos
This is a Brazilian band and my favorite of all times. My grandma' always says this is MY song and whenever she listens to it it's as if I were there! 

12. Nowehere Man - The Beatles
This is my ex-boyfriend's tune. Lyrics are very self-explanatory.

13. Primavera - Música de Brinquedo - Pato Fu
This song was 2011 for me. It reminds me of the first semester, when things were okay, I was in love, My dad was fine and I was completely happy. It reminds me of a very special friend as well.

14. Slow Dancing in a Burning Room + Free Falling - John Mayer
Both set the end of a very long and heartbreaking relationship for me. 

15. Magnolia Mountain - Ryan Adams
Not only does this song reminds me of my two best friends Ila & Katy, but it's also a song that I truly love, from moment one when I got to know Ryan Adams to date. Really, I love it.

16. Falling Slowly - The Swell Season (Marketa Irglova & Ben Hansard)
This is the song of my life. Everyone who knows me, knows how special this song is for me. And I love the movie.

17. Love Will Come Through - Travis
I've always loved Travis. It's an old love. They make me feel special, happy, nostalgic, all in one. And they've been in my life for so many different reasons, at different moments, times. This is just one of my favourites, but their compilation album Singles could be here without a doubt.

18. Ten Cent Blues - Eisley
I. LOVE. THIS. BAND. SO. BAD. End of conversation. They've been with me forever.

19. Falsa Baiana - Roberta Sá
This is so me & him when we were an item. When we used to go dancing and to dance until our legs were so tired we couldn't stand anymore. It was something between me and him and no one else. Which is lost in time now.

20. Homesick - Kings of Convenience
This is about me and my friends and whenever I listen to it, it makes me think about all of them and how blessed I am to have them with me all the time. 

It sounds like a pretty nice life so far...

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